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Imaging and Image Analysis

a)    Danielle Bassett Non-invasive neuroimaging techniques  (fMRI, MEG, MRI, DTI, DSI).

b)    Chris Croke Inverse problems and Riemannian geometry

c)    Christos Davatzikos Neuroimaging of Alzheimer's Disease and schizophrenia.

d)   Nader Engheta Bio-inspired polarization and hyperspectral imaging and through-wall microwave imaging.

e)   Charles Epstein: Image registration and analysis, and various mathematical aspects of MR-imaging.

f)    Jean Gallier

g)   James Gee Biomedical image analysis and computing.

h)    Vadim Markel Nano-optics and biomedical optical imaging.

i)     Arjun Raj

j)    Lyle Ungar Multi-view learning for MRI data.