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  • Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

    Professor of Economics, Department of Economics

    Formulation of dynamic equilibrium models, their efficient computation, and their estimation.

    (215) 573-1504
  • Wensheng Guo

    Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology

    Spline smoothing, Time series analysis, Functional models, Longitudinal data analysis, Hormone secretion patterns and feedback relationship between hormones, Human circadian rhythms, Seizure initiation and prediction using EEG data

  • Irina Marinov

    Associate Professor Long Term Guest Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate Sciences

  • Ian J. Barnett

    Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

    Mental health, mobile health, genomics

  • Anderson Ye Zhang

    Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
    Network Analysis, Mean Field Varatioinal Inference, Clustering and Mixture Models, Spectral Analysis, Ranking and Synchronization

  • Eugene Katsevich

    Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science

    High-dimensional variable selection, Multiple testing, Applications to genetics and genomics
  • Shivani Agarwal

    Rachleff Family Associate Professor

    Machine Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Mathematics of Ranking and Choice Modeling

    412 B, 3401 Walnut
  • John Bassani

    Richard H. and S.L. Gabel Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
    Continuum Mechanics

    Towne 237

  • Danielle Bassett

    Eduardo D. Glandt Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Bioengineering, Human Neuroscience, Complex Systems Network Science, Nonlinear Oscillators

    240 Skirkanich Hall

  • Bhaswar Bhattacharya

    Assistant Professor of Statistics

    Mathematical Statistics, Combinatorial Probability, Discrete and Computational Geometry

    466 Jon M. Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street

  • Andreas Buja

    The Liem Sioe Liong/First Pacific Company Professor of Statistics

    Statistics, Data Mining

    Jon M. Huntsman Hall 471

  • Tony Cai

    Daniel H. Silberberg Professor, Professor of Statistics

    Big Data Analytics, High-Dimensional Statistics, Statistical Machine Learning

    Jon M. Huntsman Hall 469

  • Pratik Chaudhari

    Assistant Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Machine Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision

    (857) 272-3225
  • Yong Chen

    Associate Professor of Biostatistics

    I am interested in developing novel methods for integrating heterogeneous biomedical data, including electronic health record data and genetic/genomic data. The goal is to enhance evidence-based clinical decision making, toward high quality precision medicine.
  • Kostas Daniilidis

    Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Computer Vision

    Levine Hall 472

  • Christos Davatzikos

    Director, Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics

    Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering and Director of Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics
    Biomedical Image Analysis and Machine Learning

    3600 Market Street, Suite 380

  • Anindya De

    Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science

    Theoretical Computer Science, Applied Probability

    564 Levine Hall

    (215) 898-8365
  • Dennis DeTurck

    Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor of Mathematics

    Mathematical Analysis, Math Education

    3E5A David Rittenhouse Laboratories

    (215) 573-9036
  • Jian Ding

    Associate Professor of Statistics

    I am interested in various aspects of probability theory, with focus on topics which interact with statistical physics, theoretical computer science, combinatorics and optimization.  Some concrete topics include:1. Random constraint satisfaction problems, and random optimization problems.2. Random geometry of Gaussian free fields and Liouville quantum gravity.3. Random walk on random environment.
  • Edgar Dobriban

    Assistant Professor of Statistics

    Statistical Methods of Big Data, Random Matrix Theory, Multiple Testing

    465 Jon M. Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street
  • Nader Engheta

    H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Professor of Bioengineering
    Electricity and Magnetism, Optics and Vision

    Moore 215

  • Charles L. Epstein

    Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics

    Mathematical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Medical Imaging, Population Genetics, Computational Electromagnetics

    4E7 David Rittenhouse Lab

  • Jean Gallier

    Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Geometric Modeling, Computer Vision, Optimization, Applications of Differential Geometry, Applications of Algebraic Geometry

    Levine Hall 476

  • James Gee

    Associate Professor of Radiologic Science and Computer and Information Science

    Director, Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory; Co-Director, HHMI-NIBIB Interfaces Program in Biomedical Imaging and Informational Sciences
    Medical Image Analysis

    3600 Market Street, Suite 370

  • Ed George

    Universal Furniture Professor of Statistics

    Hierarchical Modeling, Modeling Uncertainty, Shrinkage Estimation, Treed Modeling, Variable Selection, Wavelet Regression

    Jon M. Huntsman Hall 446

  • Robert Ghrist

    Andrea Mitchell Professor of Mathematics and Engineering

    Applications of Topology

    Room 3E5B - David Rittenhouse Laboratories

  • Herman Gluck

    Professor of Mathematics

    4N57 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Pablo Gonzalez-Camara

    Assistant Professor of Genetics

    Mathematical Biology, Genomics, Cancer Biology, Applications of Topology and Alegebraic Geometry

    A302 Richards Building, 3700 Hamilton Walk

  • Mark Goulian

    Charles and William L. Day Distinguished Professor in the Natural Sciences

    Microbiology, Biophysics

    204F Carolyn Lynch Laboratories

  • Philip Gressman

    Professor of Mathematics

    Harmonic Analysis and Kinetic Equations

    3E5C David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • James Haglund

    Professor of Mathematics

    Algebraic Combinatorics, Experimental Mathematics

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Hamed Hassani

    Assistant Professor Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Machine Learning, Optimization, Information Theory, Random Combinatorial Structures.

    3401 Walnut St/465C

  • Brett Hemenway

    Research Assistant Professor

    Coding Theory, Cryptography, Algorithms

    311 Levine

  • Ryan Hynd

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

    David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Shane Jensen

    Professor of Statistics

    Statistical Methodology for Applications in Urban Studies and Sports

    463 Huntsman Hall

  • Douglas J. Jerolmack

    Graduate Chair and Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Science

    Theoretical and Experimental Geology

    240 Hayden Hall

  • Chenfanfu Jiang

    Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Physics-Based Animation, Scientific Computing, High-Performance Computing, Computational Solid and Fluid Mechanics

    Levine 303

  • Randall Kamien

    Vicki and William Abrams Professor in the Natural Sciences

    Soft Matter, Statistical Mechanics, Geometry

    2N26 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Sampath Kannan

    Department Chair and Salvatori Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Algorithms, Program Reliability, Computational Biology

    Levine 566

  • Michael Kearns

    Professor of Computer and Information Science and National Center Chair

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Levine Hall 509

  • Junhyong Kim

    Patricia M. Williams Term Professor of Biology

    Computational Evolutionary Biology

    103H Lynch Labs

  • Dan Koditschek

    Alfred Fitler Moore Professor and Chair, Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Robotics, Neuromechanical Systems Biology

    Levine Hall 460

  • Vijay Kumar

    Nemirovsky Family Dean, Penn Engineering

    Robotics, Biological Modeling and Computation

    Towne 229C

  • Hongzhe Lee

    Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics

    Biostatistics, Statistics

    215 Blockly Hall

  • Li Shen

    Professor of Informatics

    Informatics, Machine Learning, Medical Image Computing, Bioinformatics, Network Science, Imaging Genomics

    B306 Richards Building, 3700 Hamilton Walk

  • Andrea Liu

    Hepburn Professor of Physics

    Soft/Living Matter Physics

    2N30 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Qi Long

    Professor of Biostatistics

    Statistical and Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Data Mining Methods for Analysis of Big Biomedical Data, Missing Data, and Causal Inference.

  • Zongming Ma

    Associate Professor of Statistics

    High-dimensional Statistical Inference, Non-parametric Statistics, Network Data Analysis

    468 Jon M. Huntsman Hall

  • Iain Mathieson

    Assistant Professor of Genetics

    Population Genetics, Statistical Genetics, Human Evolution

    405B Clinical Research Bldg, 415 Curie Blvd.
  • Nikolai Matni

    Assistant Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Robust, Optimal and Distributed Control, Optimization, Machine and Reinforcement Learning

    Levine Hall, Room 374, 3330 Walnut St.
  • Yoichiro Mori

    Calabi-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Biology

    Mathematical Biophysics and Physiology, Applied and Numerical Analysis
  • Phil Nelson

    Professor of Physics and Astronomy

    Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics, Soft Matter Physics

    DRL 2N8

  • George Pappas

    Joseph Moore Professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Control Theory, Systems Theory, Robotics

    Levine Hall 460

  • George Ilhwan Park

    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

    Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence, Numerical Methods

    3401 Walnut Street - PICS Room 524

  • Robin Pemantle

    AMCS Graduate Group Chair

    Merriam Term Professor of Mathematics, and Professor of Computer and Information Science and Statistics
    Probablity and Combinatorics

    4N22 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Paris Perdikaris

    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

    Mathematical and Data-Driven Modeling, Machine Learning, High-Performance Scientific Computing

    Towne Building

  • Joshua Plotkin

    Professor of Biology, Computer and Information Science, and Mathematics

    Mathematical Biology

    219 Carolyn Lynch Laboratories

  • Pedro Ponte Castañeda

    Raymond S. Markowitz Faculty Fellow and Professor Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

    Continuum Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Active Materials, Homogenization

    235 Towne

  • Victor Preciado

    Associate Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Complex Networks, Graph Theory, Optimization, Dynamical Systems

    360 Levine

  • Prashant Purohit

    Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

    Materials, Mathematical Biology

    3401 Walnut Street, Room 528

  • Ravi Radhakrishnan

    Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Arjun Raj

    Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

    Molecular Systems Biology, Mathematical Biology, Cellular Imaging, Cancer Biology, RNA Biology

    410 Skirkanich Hall; 111 Hayden Hall

  • Celia Reina

    William K. Gemmill Term Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

    Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

    3401 Walnut Street, Room 523

  • Aaron Roth

    Class of 1940 Bicentennial Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Computer and Information Science

    3401 Walnut, #406B

  • Dan Roth

    Eduardo D. Glandt Distinguised Professor of Computer and Information Science

    Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Reasoning, Optimization

    3401 Walnut Street
  • Harvey Rubin

    Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, and Computer Science

    Infectious Disease, Complex Biological Systems

    536 Johnson Pavilion

  • Saswati Sarkar

    Professor of Electricial Systems and Engineering

    My research interests are in the general area of the science and economics of diverse classes of networks (e.g., communication, social, transportation, power, economic) with emphasis on pricing and market economics, security, resource allocation, optimization and control of stochastic systems, distributed systems and algorithm.

    (215) 573-9071
  • Andre Scedrov

    Professor of Mathematics and Computer and Information Science

    Logic, Cybersecurity, Cryptographic Protocols, Formal Methods, Formal Grammar, Logical Aspects of Linguistic Structure

    4E6 and 4W7 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

    (215) 898-8627
  • Vivek B. Shenoy

    Eduardo D. Glandt President's Distinguished Professor

    Mechanobiology, Materials, Biophysics

    3231 Walnut Street - 309 LRSM

    (215) 898-1558
  • Dylan Small

    Class of 1965 Wharton Professor of Statistics

    Casual Inference, Applications of Statistics to Public Health, Design and Analysis of Experiments and Observational Studies, Measurement Error

    Huntsman 464

  • Kent Smetters

    Boettner Professor of Business and Public Policy, Faculty Director of the Penn Wharton Budget Model

    Economics, Applied Theory, Public Economics, Insurance

    Room 1358 Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall

  • David Srolovitz

    Joseph Bordogna Professor of Engineering and Applied Science

    Professor, Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
    Computational and Theoretical Materials Science

    3401 Walnut Street, Room 532

  • Robert Strain

    Professor of Mathematics

    Analysis of non-linear partial differential equations, Equations of gas dynamics and fluid flow, The Boltzmann Equation, The incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

    3E5 David Rittenhouse Laboratory

  • Weijie Su

    Assistant Professor of Statistics

    Statistical Machine Learning, High-Dimensional Statistical Inference, Large-Scale Multiple Testing, Privacy-Perserving Data Analysis

    472 Jon M. Huntsman Hall, 3720 Walnut Street
  • Joseph E. Subotnik

    Professor of Chemistry

    Chemical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Electronic Structure, Statistical Physics, Computational Physics, Nonadiabatic Dynamics

    Chem Bldg., 268 CRET, 231 S. 34th Street

  • Kai Tan

    Professor of Pediatrics

    Genomcis, Imaging and Image Analysis, Machine learning, Mathematical biology

    4002 Colket Translational Research Bldg., (CTRB), 3501 Civic Ctr.Blvd.

  • Lyle Ungar

    Professor of Bioengineering, Computer and Information Science, Genomics and Computational Biology, Operations, Information and Decisions, and Psychology

    Big Data, Linguistics, Machine Learning

    Levine Hall 504

  • Ragini Verma

    Associate Professor of Radiology

    Statistics of Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Combining Different MR Protocols, Automated Facial Expression Analysis

    3600 Market Street, Suite 380

  • Rakesh Vohra

    George A. Weiss and Lydia Bravo Weiss University Professor, Departments of Economics and Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Mechanism Design

    Perelman Center for Political Science & Economics, 133 S. 36th Street, Room 523

  • Abraham J. Wyner

    Professor of Statistics

    Baseball, Boosting, Data Compression, Entropy, Information Theory, Probabilistic Modeling, Temperature Reconstructions

    Huntsman 448

  • Nancy Zhang

    Associate Professor of Statistics

    Genomics, Computational Biology, Change-point Methods, Scan Statistics, Empirical Bayes Estimation, Model and Variable Selection

    3730 Walnut Street, Suite 467