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Application procedure for entry in Fall 2024

Applications to Penn's graduate applied mathematics and computational science program may only  be submitted  electronically. The electronic application form for both the PhD and Masters degree programs in AMCS  can be accessed here. (More information about graduate programs in the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn, can be accessed here.) If some part of your application must be sent by ordinary mail, please send it to:

Graduate Admissions (AMCS)
Department of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
209 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395

Several points to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to specify that you are applying to the AMCS graduate group.
  • To see that we receive your standardized test scores: 
    • For the GRE, use the institution code  2926.
    • For the  TOEFL, use the institution code is 2926, and Department code is 72.
  • This year, applicants to the PhD program must take the GRE Math Subject Exam (GRE General not required). If the exams are not available in your geographical location, please state this in your personal statement.
  • Applicants should consult the AMCS faculty list to find several faculty members with whom they might want to work. You should send e-mail to these members of our faculty to express your interest in their research, and to learn if they anticipate an openning in their research program for a new PhD student from AMCS.

If for some reason you cannot apply via the web-based form please contact the department's Graduate Group Chair


  1. Admissions decisions are made by the AMCS Graduate Admissions Committee, and not by individual professors. Therefore, requests for admission should not be sent to individual members of the faculty, and instead should be submitted as indicated above. Please keep this in mind when writing to faculty about research interests. 
  2. Applicants cannot be considered for possible admission (and no admission decision can be made) until an official and complete application form is submitted by the applicant and is received by the AMCS Graduate Admissions Committee. 
  3. The official University deadline for submission of applications is December 15.  We typically accept PhD applications until January 1, and Masters applications until February 1. 
  4. If any Ph.D. application materials are submitted after January 1, a follow-up email message should be sent to the AMCS Graduate Coordinator, indicating what has been submitted.
  5. Masters students are not eligible for financial support. 
  6. Applicants may wish to visit the Penn campus in person, to get a better sense of the graduate program and its faculty. Such visits can be helpful to applicants in deciding where to apply and what offers to accept (but are not part of the Admissions Committee's decision process).