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Applied Topology

Year 1: Requirements

AMCS 602-603: Algebraic Techniques for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science.

MATH 546-547: Probability, Stochastic Processes and Statistics for Applied  Mathematics and Computational Science

AMCS 608-609: Analytic techniques for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

MATH 600-601: Topology and Geometric Analysis


Years 2 and 3: Suggested Courses (subject to focus area)

MATH 618-619: Algberaic Topology I

MATH 628-629: Homological Algebra

MATH 630-631: Differential Topology

MATH 638-639: Algebraic Topoogy II

MATH 640-641: Ordinary Differential Equations


CIS 520: Machine Learning

CIS 553: Networked Systems

CIS 521: Fundamentals of AI

CIS 535: Introduction to Bioinformatics

CIS 610: Advanced Geometric Methods in Computer Science

CIS 625: Intro to Computational Learning Theory


ESE 539: Neural Networks, Chaos, and Dynamics: Theory and Application

ESE 575: Introduction to Wireless Systems

ESE 601: Hybrid Systems

ESE 605: Modern Convex Optimization

ESE 617: Non-Linear Control Theory

ESE 635: Distributed Systems

ESE 674: Information Theory


STAT 512: Mathematical Statistics

STAT 531: Stochastic Processes

STAT 541: Statistical Methodology

STAT 542: Bayesian Methods and Computation

STAT 553: Machine Learning